MATEMO Lda is an independent service organization specializing in installation and maintenance of medical and laboratory equipment established in 2008 in Mozambique with its headquarter located in Maputo and with few field offices located throughout the country.

What makes MATEMO Lda different is the flexibility and continuous prioritization of the client’s needs through its collaborative approach, providing innovative solutions.

MATEMO’s mission is to provide high quality standard for the following key areas:

–         Healthcare

–         Education;

–         Renewable energy;

–        Civil / Industrial.


Our team is multidisciplinary, extremely flexible and strives to provide efficient and effective responses to the customers’ demands and needs.

MATEMO Lda is composed of highly qualified and trained local experts who are assisted by internationally recognized professionals that work in the area of:

  • Electronic Engineering;
  • Electric Engineering;
  • Civil engineering;
  • Biomedical engineering;
  • Procurement;
  • Renewable Energy.

MATEMO offers a diverse array of services for any company dealing with specifically with laboratory and medical equipment or electrical structures and equipment installation.



Health Planning

Contributes with detailed and specific Health Planning, Hospital Business Case Development, Evaluation and Analysis of Health Facilities and Policy Development.

RALEN International

Project Management and Logistics

Offers Project Management with the use of the latest in collaboration and communication tools, thorough project evaluation and feasibility studies and all of this with expert architectural and engineering design.


Laboratory Solutions

Provides Clinical and Laboratory Planning and Design along with Gap Analysis and Medical Equipment Asset Management.

Wutivi Consultores

Hospital Engineering , Design and Auditing

Designs and helps implement several kinds of Architectural Designs, Engineering Plant Designs, Construction Supervision and Management, Turn-Key projects and Auditing of specific projects.