Our company is specialized in equipment installation, maintenance and management, as it offers a continuous service starting from the consulting of which items/equipment is necessary, followed by installation in specific area along side management and finally with continuous support that involves all types of maintenance preventive and corrective.

MATEMO also provides functional inspection of any equipment, calibration services, electrical safety services, validation and certfication of equipment.

Equipment Installation

Our company sales and supplies equipment and lab furniture and follows up with installation and management of that same equipment by a team of specialized personnel. Some of the lab equipment installed by MATEMO includes: biosafety cabinets, refrigerators, water purification systems, centrifuges, incubators CO2, sterilization systems/ autoclaves, scales and pippetes.

And for medical equipment: defibrillators, vital sign monitors, ECG units, surgical aspirators, refrigerator units, surgical lights, incubators and water distillers.

Equipment Maintenance

After installing a specific type of equipment it is important to follow-up with maintenance plans, calibration plans, proper practice when it comes to the handling of a specific equipment type and training.

MATEMO offers comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance plans, calibration plans to suit each type of equipment need and equipment training to ensure the operation of equipment with properly prepared personnel .

Institutional Capacity

Our company’s training sessions, workshops and training programs provide the knowledge and skills needed in order to operate each and any equipment at the upmost level of profession and can include a variety of subjects such as handling, protocols, general use and general operation awareness.

Additional Equipment Maintenance/Management Processes

Equipment Calibration and Certification: after the installation and implementation of various equipment and equipment system and after some usage time a lot of these need calibration to be able to operate at the highest precision possible. Our expert Bio-Medical team at MATEMO provides calibration plans alongside certification which guarantees that the equipment was verified by a professional and certified company.

Continuous Equipment Maintenance and ManagementWe offer continuous support to our clients based on Computerized Enterprise Asset Management which provides a holistic view of an organization’s physical assets and infrastructure throughout their entire life-cycle, from design, commission, or procurement, through to operation, maintenance, disposal, and replacement.