Other than equipment installation and management, MATEMO also provides supply and sales for equipment and lab furniture by offering all our clients a comprehensive service set-up to provide those customers who were interested in the world of industrial and commercial equipment or furniture, but don’t have the resources or the time required to thoroughly research and take advantage.

Our years of experience in both first and third world environments have enabled us to combine the sophistication of modern technology with simplicity and ruggedness of design.

Medical and Laboratory Equipment

MATEMO supplies from a diverse array of equipment types, from bigger and industrial equipment to smaller accessories and attachments for various equipment types. From Bio Safety cabinets, HEPA Filters and incubators to endoscopes, brushes and several other accessories.

Laboratory Furniture

Specialized in laboratory equipment, layout design and installation, the sale and supply of laboratory furniture is part of our wide array of medical and laboratory assets available to our clients. Our vast array of furniture are fashionable and environmental products complying with professional standards such as  ISO:9001 and these include steel lab furniture, stainless steel lab benches, steel and wood lab tables, storage cabinets, laboratory worktops, lab accessories, education furniture, hospital furniture and more.