Transportation, Installation and Certification of Lab Equipment from INS (Instituto Nacional de Saúde) – Maputo to Marracuene


Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS)


Maputo (Marracuene) | Mozambique


June, 2018

Project Description:

One of the most famous laboratories in the capital provice of Mozambique (Maputo) that carries out several public hospital services and laboratory tests is the Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS) laboratories. In HCM they were divided into several different smaller laboratories and for several years they have been sharing the same space as Hospital Central de Maputo (HCM) but INS is currently finishing they’re own installations located at Marracuene. So they needed a team of skilled experts, technicians and workers to properly relocate all of their laboratory equipment from the old laboratories to their new installations which includes bio-safety cabinets and several different types of fridges.